INSiiGHTS High School Game-of-the-Week (GOTW)

WCVT2 and INSiiGHTS will continue their partnership for a Second Season featuring several high schools in the local viewing area. The upcoming high school athletic season is fast approaching and the crew is working to finalize the INSiiGHTS Schools that will be featured.

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inside freshMEN


Two freshman room-mates from the 70's discover life on a black college campus. They really think they have the answers about classes, women, and playing basketball. They could not be more wrong as the turbulent times of the 70's had drugs, alcohol and color differences affected them far more than they expected.


"Charles, where are you going? It's time for practice and Coach said you better not be late one more time."

"Marc, don't be sweating where I'm going. Tall Shirley said she needed to talk to me and it had to be now."

"Yeah, she probably wants to tell you I saw her getting in EB's car last night, carrying that yellow bag with the red stripes in it that has those purple stars on the handles...."

Charles feet froze, unable to move as Marc's words bounced around in his head,  he slowly turned his 6'8 frame to look wide eyed at his roomie. "Not the bag that l'il Shirley left in our room last night and I just gave it back to her?"


Marc slapped himself in the middle of his forehead, rolled his eyes at his roommate and slowly said, "yeah, dude, the one and the same."

"That means ...."

"Yeah dude, you know exactly what it means ......."

freshMEN book cover photo shoot